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A Review of David Vizard's "How to Build Horse Power" Seminar
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My thoughts on DV's 'How to Build Horse Power' Seminars

David Vizard is one of the leading contributors of technical articles for MotorTec Magazine- about engine building. His unique writing style gives information and practical advice based on his research.

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Date: 10 November 2011
  My thoughts on David Vizard's 'How to build HorsePower' Seminars
By David Mountain of Mountune Racing Engine

Hi, I’m Dave Mountain, the boss at Mountune Racing Engines. David Vizard always refers to me as his #1 protégé’. It’s nice to be thought of as #1 for anything but the reality is there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of people in the performance business who owe much of their success to DV’s help over the years. I know that my involvement with DV over the years has been a considerable asset to my business. For most, that help could have come in many forms such as articles, books, over the phone, personal contact, or through one of DV seminars. The info he delivers is always very understandable and is second to none when it comes to giving an attendee the means to make more power from a competition engine. Let me give you an example or two here.

Back in the mid 1980’s DV made an outrageous statement in, the then, leading British performance magazine that none of the UK or European cam companies had any real idea what they are doing when it came to ‘A’ Series engine (Mini Cooper and others) cams. Think about this – you have to be really sure before you tell the entire performance community that a certain professional sector is near clueless. Well most of the industry ignored this (bad move) and one well known entity even went as far as to publically say ‘he’s a journalist, he does not have to actually show that he can do any better’. Well the boss of one company, Kent Cams, said, in so many words, ‘put your money where your mouth is’. DV took up that challenge in less than a heartbeat with the comment, “you supply the engines and manpower and I will supply the dyno time and know-how”. Well guess where the test engines came from. Because Mountune engines were literally cleaning house in any race series that involved Mini’s, it was my engines with me as the man power. I spent something a little short of six weeks at DV’s California dyno facility. There I got a lesson on ‘A’ Series cams – and subsequently so did the rest of the world. In the very first test, one of DV’s hot street cams in my championship winning 1480 simply thrashed the best race cam the rest of the world could come up with.

Just so you know DV’s talents are not limited to just one engine, here is another example.

Back in 1989, Mountune was top of the pile when it came to engines for the production saloons (sedan for you guys in the US) race series Cosworth Sierra’s. Even so, I asked DV to come over for the summer and work on the development of this engine as I really wanted to stay #1. This was an engine we had worked on for a couple of seasons or so. DV asked not to be primed as to what we had already done to optimize this engine, so as not to have any preconceived notions. Our best engines to that point in time were 244 hp. DV had never seen a Cosworth YB motor until he arrived in our shop about April 1989. By mid May he had built a 244 hp motor first time around. About six weeks later he finished off his second engine - 277 hp and at least a thousand rpm of extra usable power band width.

The kind of engine talents that DV posses are rare. Rarer yet is the ability to pass on the knowledge to do what he does in an un-ambiguous manner. What DV delivers in terms of go faster technology in his seminars is second to none and in terms of value it is priceless. If you are in any way an ambitious engine builder it will be your loss if you do not go!

About David Mountain

David Mountain started building high performance engines in his mid teens. By 1979, his late teens, he was building engines for his friends as a serious hobby and soon after that, went to work for Glynn Swift at Swiftune, who at that time were building some of the most successful Rallycross engines in the UK. It was during a Rallycross meeting at Brands Hatch that DV first met David Mountain and was impressed with his expansive open minded attitude concerning engine performance. Any novel idea that passed David’s basic logic test was up for tests on the dyno. David quickly learned that dyno testing teaches a lot even if the experiment done fails to make more power.

The Swiftune years were a fast track learning experience for David but he wanted to spread his wings and so in 1982 he started Mountune Race Engines. Championships and race wins began to stack up like a deck of playing cards. About half way through the 1980’s Ford took note of David Mountains accomplishments and from this point on, Mountune carved a big part of the turbo motor market with the 2.0 Ford Cosworth YB engine . From here on out a number of other auto manufactures sought the expertise David had built up within Mountune. The usual quote here, is that from here on it’s all history, but with both race and championship wins now well beyond count we would have to say that Mountune was not just a part of history, but was more in the business of making history.



Mountune milestones


British Rally Championship Group N


Four wins in the World Rally Championship


Monte Carlo Rally


European and British Formula Ford Championships


British Rally Championship


Two wins in the FIA World Rally Championship


FIA Middle-East Rally Championship


Safari Rally Kenya


FIA Middle-East Rally Championship


Monte Carlo Rally Super 1600


Touring Car lap record at Macau


LMP1 Le Mans diesel sports prototype


Formula Ford Duratec


European GT3 with Damax


2.0  S2000 Ford Duratec  design/development  - Super 2000 Fiesta in Australian Rally Championship


Yamaha R1 Superbike engine design/ development for Jentin Racing in the British Superbike Championship


2-litre Mitsubishi engine design/ development Emotive/Lola for  US single seater programme


Jaguar XKR V8 s/c engine design and development for Jaguar Cars in the FIA European GT3 Championship


V6 BTCS engine design, development and builds for Chad/Kia in BTCS


F2 Championship engine design, development and builds for FIA F2 Championship


BTCC engine design, development and builds for Arena Motorsport Focus ST

How to Build Horsepower Seminar

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