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David Vizard's "How to Build Horse Power" Seminar
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Next Seminar : Swansea Metropolitan University UK, Fri 7 - Sun 9 Sept  2012

David Vizard is one of the leading contributors of technical articles for MotorTec Magazine- about engine building. His unique writing style gives information and practical advice based on his research.
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NEXT SEMINAR: 7-9 September 2012 at Swansea Metropolitan University UK
David Vizard - why you need to attend the How to Build Horse Power Seminars. Click to PLAY NOW.

What YOU will learn by attending David Vizard's  -
"How to Build Horsepower" Seminar.

It would take pages but here is a quick rundown.

It’s common knowledge that  a successful engine is about getting the right parts combination working harmoniously together. For a given cylinder head design this means selecting intake, exhaust, and valve event timing to suit the cylinder head and the displacement it has to feed. In other words how do we arrive at a good working combination first time around so as to save R&D money!

This is what David Vizard’s Seminars are all about –  Zero Hassle Combination Optimization,  -and you won’t find this in any books out there except DV’s.

Here are just a few of the many points you will learn:-

• How to build a flow bench for $150 that performs like a $15,000 pro built bench.
• How a ‘virtual’ (and affordable) flow bench can pay off big time.
• How to make $50 plus an hour porting real performance heads.
• How optimal intake to exhaust flow ratios change - why what you’ve heard is wrong.
• How the real issues for optimal cam selection first time around can work for you.
• How to for a 15 seconds cam catalog selection for a 20 hp/20 lbs-ft increase (V8’s).
• How to make the most of a cam change.
• How to build a muffled/silenced exhaust system with no power loss.
• How to determine muffler capacity for your engine not one genetically similar.
• How to select turbo cams (cam companies won’t tell you this).
• How not to lose 50 – 100 hp with hydraulic roller cams.
• How to flow test intake manifolds the right way (almost no-body does)!
• How to avoid the most common wet flow mistakes and make testing so much easier.
• How to make the most of exhaust pan evac and what it’s worth.
• How to feed the engine clean air without losing a single hp.
• How to time cams the most power productive way (it’s done wrong 9 out of 10 times).
• How to read dyno sheets for optimal carb calibration.
• How to avoid the pitfalls of an A to B comparison dyno test.
• How to shape piston crowns for more power.
• How to make the most of any CR increases.
• How in cylinder pressure measuring can work for you – big time.

Note:- Some of the tech you will learn is so far removed from common knowledge that you will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement so that the speed tech you have learned is not passed on to your, or any other attendees, competition. There are very few if any seminars for which that can be said.

Read what leading figureheads in MotorSport and Engine Building are saying about David Vizard

David Mountain of Mountune Race Engines, UK

Hi, I’m Dave Mountain, the boss at Mountune Racing Engines. David Vizard always refers to me as his #1 protégé’. It’s nice to be thought of as #1 for anything but the reality is there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of people in the performance business who owe much of their success to DV’s help over the years. I know that my involvement with DV over the years has been a considerable asset to my business. For most, that help could have come in many forms such as articles, books, over the phone, personal contact, or through one of DV seminars.... Read More

Graeme Dobbe, Crew Chief, Australia

Crew member to some of racing better known names Graeme Dobbe was David’s crew chief for a season and also his event and road manager for his Australia and New Zealand seminar tours. Here is what he has to say:-

I was David's event/road manager for seminars held in both Australia and New Zealand. As such I attended every seminar and was continually amazed at how David could keep an audience captivated for hours on end. After having attended, even the most pessimistic, seasoned, race winning, pro engine builders from down under, were overwhelmed at what David delivered in terms of performance know how, with many openly saying they needed to change their way of thinking because of what they learnt on the day.


Up Coming Seminars: 7 - 9 September 2012, Metropolitan University UK

September 2012 Swansea Metropolitan University, UK
The second seminar, well into planning, is to be held in England. It is scheduled for 7th -9th September 2012 and will be held at Swansea University as their MotorSports program is considered amongst the best. BL Mini owners please note – there is going to be a lot in this for those of you serious about power output.

Date: 7 - 9 September 2012

Find Details Here.


News Updates

The last three seminars presented in the USA were held in Ohio, Chaska (Minnesota) and California and were a very successful. 

At the Chaska, Minnesota (USA) Seminar DV officially introduced his new 3 part break in lube. How this was done and the excellent results seen has become a popular topic for a number of motorsports forums. For more details on the 3 Part Break-In Lube, click here.

How you can get David Vizard to present at your events..

After several highly successful seminars for Parts Manufacturers, David Vizard is constantly being invited to be the principal speaker at MotorSport Technical events.

If your company wishes to have DV put on a presentation on their behalf either at a trade show or their premises, please contact event coordinator Mike Lane.


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